October 24, 2003

I have declared the Newsflash Sourceforge project as officially "inactive" and placed it in a state of suspended animation.

The official declaration of "inactive" status merely reflects the de-facto reality of the past 18 months. Regrettably, a busy professional and personal life have prevented me from devoting time to managing the OpenSource project and developing Newsflash. Although there have been several other developers who have contributed code (for which I am very thankful!) these contributions alone have not been enough to sustain the project. There have been no new releases in well over a year and no new source-commits in many months.

All of the current sources will remain available from the Sourceforge CVS repository. The BSD licensing terms allows the Newsflash sources to be incorporated into other OpenSource or commercial projects. I would encourage other developers to use the sources as they see fit. I would be supportive of any effort by other developers to create a new OpenSource project to continue development of the codebase under a different name.

In the future when time allows I may resume development of Newsflash... at such time I would re-evaluate whether the OpenSource development model was appropriate for the project or if a closed-source freeware model made more sense.

Thanks again to all the developers and users who supported the project!

Chris Wolf